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Dear Ms. Teachout —

We are registered Democrats and working recording artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creators of so-called content. We consider ourselves progressives and support your positions on many important issues.

However, we find your former employment as director of Fight For The Future’s 501c3 Education Fund troubling.

FFTF has consistently opposed reasonable suggestions for protecting working artists’ rights and livelihoods — perpetuating the lie that freedom of speech is somehow incompatible with our right to choose the manner in which we make our work available.  And FFTF has perpetuated the absurd message that our industry — or ANY industry — can flourish in competition with an open black market trading in our works without permission (and yes, we’re talking not only about so-called “pirate sites”, but about YouTube itself).

Anti-Copyright “Fight For The Future” and their 1% Grassroots – The Trichordist
Democracy Disrupted – Illusion of More 

We note that you are no longer with FFTF, and unless you state otherwise, we won’t hold you responsible for its positions.

But we would like to ask you to clarify the positions that you would bring to Congress if elected.

1.  Do you recognize that mass, online copyright infringement causes direct harm to people like me

2.  Do you support an artist’s right to choose the manner in which we make our work available online?

3.  Do you support Jerrold Nadler’s Fair Play Fair Pay bill, which would bring the US into conformity with the rest of the free industrialized world by paying artists for the commercial, terrestrial radio broadcast of their work (and put tens of millions in foreign royalties now being withheld due to the lack of US reciprocity into the pockets of US working artists)?
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