Statement of Digital Solidarity

Please sign the statement below, in support of
copyright protections for musicians and all creative workers.

Statement of digital solidarity

We the undersigned affirm: 

That Copyright is the workers’ right of recording artists, musicians, composers, and other creative workers.

That the Fair Trade protection of our natural and human environment that we demand as the basis for US trade agreements includes the right of working creators to protection from unfair competition with an open, corporate, ad funded black market.

That we support the recommendations of the AFM, SAG AFTRA, ASCAP, and BMI (as expressed in the Music Community’s response to the US Copyright Office)* as the basis for reforms needed to restore fair market conditions. 

Together, we can fight for OUR future, one with economic justice for ALL those whose labor makes the internet possible: from the CWA workers who build and maintain its infrastructure; to the many exploited employees and subcontractors within digital industries; to the recording artists, film makers, and other creators whose ad monetized ‘content’ generates much of the digital environment’s vast wealth.

In solidarity,


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*Music Community’s response to the Copyright Office’s inquiry on section 512 of the DMCA:

  • End special privilege ‘safe harbor’ protections for corporate hosting platforms specializing in the delivery of content with ‘red flag’ knowledge of mass infringement.
  • End the game of whack-a-mole: reform the DMCA so that  a single take-down notice effects the take-down of all identical files on a site… permanently.
  • Use the technology to protect our rights – without harming freedom of speech or genuine ‘fair uses’ – this technology exists now, and should be made standard for all major hosting platforms that deliver content and wish to enjoy Safe Harbor protections.

Statement of Digital Solidarity is circulated by MusiciansAction, a grass roots organization of, by, and for working artists, and dedicated to the achievement of economic justice in the digital domain.



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